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New Video Released! "Hmmmm"

(Downbeat Student Music Award Winning Composition)


Composed by Yoko Suzuki (鈴木瑶子)

(Winning Composition in the 2020 Downbeat 43rd Annual Student Award)

Live at Berklee Performance Center

performed y Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestra 2019


I'm very excited to share my music with you!

This is the composition that I wrote in the last fall semester and I played with the amazing Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestra directed by Greg Hopkins and Special Guest Vocal, Sarah Marie Bugeja, and featured great soloists, Aaron Hayashi(B.Sax), Kenton Dick (S.Sax), Robert Mac Vega-Dowda (Tp.), Noam Tanzer (Bass), and Ilya Blazh (Drums)!!

新しいビデオを公開しました!先日の 2020 Downbeat 43rd Annual Student Award を受賞した、ビッグバンド曲"Hmmmm"という曲です。


They sounded exactly like what I wanted to hear or more...!! Even when I was editing the video, I clearly remembered the sound and the atmosphere of the and and I'm impressed so much.

Thank you so much for playing this composition beautifully. I miss you all...!!

バンドに溶け込むような Sarah Marie Bugeja の歌声、バンドの緊張感たっぷりの演奏、曲を美しく紹介してくれるイントロのバリトンソロ、激しく熱いソロたち........全てが本当に素晴らしいので是非聴いてみてください!


I really hope you enjoy this performance!! 

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 17.06.43.png
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